Russia Attacking Ukrainian Air Bases That Will Host US-Made F-16s

Master Sgt. Chad McMeen, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons
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- July 12, 2024
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FRIDAY – NATO allies call China a ‘decisive enabler' of Russia's war in Ukraine. This, in their most serious rebuke yet against Beijing. NATO allies also expressed concerns over Beijing's nuclear arsenal and its capabilities in space.


At NATO summit, a question of what the alliance wants from the Pacific. For the third straight year, a group of countries with ties to the alliance, called the Indo-Pacific Four, have sent officials to attend the summit.

WEDNESDAY – Ukrainian air base under frequent fire as Russia aims at F-16 arrivals. Kyiv faces attacks as it rebuilds its depleted air force and deploys the first U.S.-designed fighters that Russia will be determined to ground or destroy.

The first jets are expected to arrive this month, and Ukraine hopes they will help repel a Russian onslaught along the front line, which includes devastating glide bombs that F-16s could potentially disrupt.

Officials have not revealed where the F-16s will be based, but Moscow said after the strike on Starokostiantyniv last Thursday that it had targeted airfields it believed would house them.

Military analysts said the Russians were probably targeting air base infrastructure such as runways and storage facilities to make getting F-16s airborne more difficult and to hinder the Western jets upon their arrival.

The Ukrainian military, which is low on air defense ammunition, is also likely to be forced to move the prized planes around airfields, said Justin Bronk, of the Royal United Services Institute.

“Any ground-based air defense coverage can be saturated if the Russians care enough to fire enough missiles at one target,” he said.

FOR YOUR EYES ONLY – Here's a roundup of today's other top defense stories from conservative national security expert PAUL CRESPO.

Not the President's Daily Brief, but almost as good – PAUL'S DAILY BRIEFING – the PDB:


USS Constitution set to sail in Boston for July 4th holiday. The world's oldest floating naval warship will sail through Boston Harbor for its annual celebration of Independence Day. She will perform 21- and 17-gun cannon salutes around Boston Harbor.


Pfc. Cameron Boyd, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

UNBELIEVABLE – The enemy of my enemy: Biden admin weighs working with the Taliban to combat ISIS-K. America's ability to track ISIS-K has diminished since the U.S. military pulled out of Afghanistan in 2021, as critics predicted, and Biden denied. But ISIS-K and the Taliban are foes, something the U.S. can exploit.


DoD News Features, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

ESPN draws criticism for selecting Prince Harry for Pat Tillman award. This, at this year's ESPYs. Critics include the fallen soldier's mother and a host of one of the sports network's more popular shows.

POLITICAL THEATER – Civil War soldiers to get Medal of Honor for Confederate train raid. Two long-dead Union soldiers who infiltrated Confederate territory to steal a train and destroy the enemy railroad system will be posthumously awarded the medal by on Wednesday.

Wyoming Republican Rep. Liz Cheney fires back after Trump boosts post calling for her televised military tribunal.

40 immigrant US military service members from 19 countries take citizenship oaths. ‘This is a country you chose.'  They took the oath atop the iconic USS Midway Museum Tuesday, just in time for the Fourth of July.

Biden expected to meet Netanyahu in D.C.. This, when Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu arrives later this month to speak in front of a joint session of Congress.


IDF Spokesperson's Unit

Hezbollah's deputy leader says group would stop fighting with Israel after Gaza cease-fire. The deputy leader of the Lebanese terror group said Tuesday the only sure path to a cease-fire on the Lebanon-Israel border is a full cease-fire in Gaza.


It's called Rim of the Pacific, but ships of the Atlantic want in. Personnel and ships from navies across the Pacific sail into Hawaii every two years for the Rim of the Pacific exercise, but some participants come from much farther away.

Official U.S. Navy Page from United States of AmericaErik Hildebrandt/U.S. Navy, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

First batch of Marine amphibious combat vehicles arrive in Okinawa. This is an upgrade for the assault amphibious vehicle that has been in service since the Vietnam-era.

Lebanese authorities charge US Embassy shooter with links to the Islamic State terror group.


Italy seizes Chinese military drones heading to Libya. Italy has seized Chinese military drones disguised as wind turbines that were heading to Libya in violation of a U.N. embargo.

US adds six companies to trade restriction list, four for training China's military

Taiwan says China's coast guard has detained a Taiwanese fishing vessel and demands its release. The boat was taken to a port in mainland China., CC BY 4.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Former Trump NSC official calls for ‘more intensive training' with Taiwan. This, amid escalating tensions in the South China Sea in order to counter growing threats from China.

China and the Philippines hold crucial talks to ease tensions after intense clash in disputed waters. This, following their worst confrontation in the disputed South China Sea that sparked fears of a wider conflict that could involve the United States.


June Red Sea recap: Houthis hit civilian ships, Navy rescues mariners. Iran-backed Houthi militants in Yemen struck multiple civilian cargo vessels in the Red Sea in June, sinking one and prompting the Navy to rescue mariners from the stricken vessels.

U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Mark A. Leonesio, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

The double-edged global ship tracking system. The tracking systems merchant vessels rely on to navigate their routes are the same ones Houthi terrorists use to target them. But turning off the systems isn't a simple solution.


US will provide $2.3 billion more in military aid to Ukraine. This, to include anti-tank weapons, interceptors and munitions for Patriot and other air defense systems.

NATO members agree $43 billion financial pledge for Ukraine. This, one week before the alliance's leaders are set to meet in Washington.

Ukraine says it thwarted attempted coup in Kyiv. It arrested individuals who had conspired to allegedly stage a riot in the capital city.

UNSURPRISING BUT WHO CARES – Biden 7 times more popular than Trump among Ukrainians: Poll.


Turkey, Romania and Bulgaria have activated the new force to conduct countermine warfare.

NATO allies unveil new quick reaction force in Italy. The Allied Response Force, which was stood up Monday during a ceremony in Solbiate Olona, brings capabilities that were absent from the Response Force that it replaces.

NATO bids to stop splits by delaying 2.5% GDP spending plan until 2025: Estonian official. At the risk of causing alliance division, NATO will postpone discussion and potential agreement on increasing defense spending, until the 2025 Netherlands Summit.

Pfc. Gabriel Segura, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Survey finds popular support for NATO at a challenging time for the Western alliance. A survey of people in the 13 NATO countries found an average 6 in 10 held a favorable view.

WATCH troops in Australia learn how to handle local venomous snakes. Could you stomach this course?

Canadian defense minister: Our commitment to NATO is growing in Europe and the Arctic. Canada is a founding member of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization.


Marine Corps looking to make MQ-9 drones stealthy with special pods. “It can mimic things that are sent to it that it detects, turn it around and send it back. So, it becomes a hole, it becomes a black hole, it becomes mostly undetectable.”

Meet the Air Force's secretive long-range drone that flies for days. The low-cost, autonomous surveillance drones can fly for more than three straight days. And they're already flying missions in the Middle East.

There is no time to delay NGAD if the Air Force is to meet the China challenge. Forget the Chinese. There are days when the Air Force seems like its own worst enemy.

SUSPICIOUS – Retired Marine two-star general found dead on Twentynine Palms training center. The very fit Maj. Gen. William Mullen retired in 2020 as the commander of Training and Education Command and was recently in Ukraine reviewing military training there.

He wears a raspberry beret: Meet Sapper the service dog, often spotted around Fort Liberty. Wearing a maroon beret and sunglasses, Sapper likes to hang his head out the window of his best friend's ride as it cruises around Fayetteville.


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