Wednesday, June 19, 2024

McAuliffe Makes Racially Charged Allegation in School Debate


Desperate to land a knockout blow in a highly-competitive race with national implications, 's Democratic nominee for governor is swinging wildly. Now, he claims that his Republican opponent wants to purge Virginia schools of black authors.

However, rather than putting the spotlight on Youngkin, the latest McAuliffe attack has led many observers to increasingly scrutinize his eleventh hour campaign strategy. To onlookers, it appears that the former and would-be governor is calling parents racists for wanting their children's school to notify them if their child's teacher plans to use “instructional material that includes sexually explicit content.”

Fox News reports:

The books McAuliffe alluded to are “Genderqueer” and “Lawn Boy,” both of which, some parents have complained, contain graphic images inappropriate for adolescents' eyes. Debate has also raged over teachers' use of Toni Morrison's “Beloved,” which contains graphic depictions of sex, violence and bestiality, while describing the horrors of slavery.

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