Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Pushing for a NATO-Ukrainian ‘No-Fly Zone’? – Know What You Are Asking For


ANALYSIS – I recently wrote about a Florida GOP Congresswoman, and former colleague, who appeared to have flubbed simple questions about her support for a -enforced ‘' (NFZ) over . But it's not just her, too many politicians, armchair strategists and social media military experts are demanding the same thing.

Usually in the name of protecting Ukrainian civilians from Putin's increasingly brutal attacks. But few actually know what a NFZ entails, or the risks involved. And they should.

And where were they for months when was doing very little as prepared to invade?

As I wrote earlier:

The time to put boots on the ground, or planes in the air, in Ukraine was before the invasion began, to deter Putin, not now. Sadly, President Biden foolishly and very publicly took that option off the table well before Putin invaded.

Still, to be , this is not to say the U.S. and NATO absolutely should not impose a no-fly zone or any other tough responses to Vlad the Invader's savage war.

But as I noted, “While war with Russia may come, I prefer to do it with our eyes wide open, rather than sleep wa