Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Detectives Rep: New York Cops Are Too Busy With Red Flag Gun Confiscations To Arrest Violent Criminals


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Proponents of so-called “red flag” laws like to claim they are a “public safety” measure. But a union representing state police investigators in is sounding the alarm that a mandate handed down by Gov. Katherine Hochul (D) to increase seizures of lawfully-owned is interfering with their other fighting duties. Details were provided in a recent article at news site

“Red flag” laws are a controversial gun control concept that allow certain persons to seek judicial orders for police to seize lawfully-held from supposedly “dangerous” individuals and add such individuals to prohibited persons databases used for firearm-related background checks. The idea has been increasing in popularity with anti-gun activists, who see it as closing “loopholes” in current laws.

But pro-gun advocates criticize the laws for lacking adequate due process, for requiring judges to make unscientific guesses about a person's propensity for future violence, and for failing to otherwise incapacitate truly dangerous individuals or address the underlying issues causing their instability.

Congress, over the 's opposition, last year authorized federal funding to support states in adopting and implementing red flag laws. That law claimed to set standards of due process states would have to meet before being eligible for the grants. Nevertheless, as the NRA has reported, those standards appear to be loosely enforced, if they are being enforced at all.

New York's , for example, has been found unconstitutional in at least two separate court decisions. Nevertheless, the state received over $13 million in federal funding to “support” use of the law.

Meanwhile, Gov. Hochul – an outspoken advocate of gun control – last