Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Au Revoir, Mittens


See ya, Mitt.

This is a blessing for the GOP. Hopefully, his retirement will result in a real conservative Republican being elected from to the United States ! It is time to end the stranglehold has over the Republican caucus.

I have never been a fan of . From the time he arrived on the political scene, it was that everything he does is calculated. He has no core values.  Just look at his passage of Romneycare. No true Republican would have pushed such legislation which ended up serving as the model for Obamacare.

Romney pursued this government takeover of care for one and one reason only – for his bid for the White House. He did not think of the consequences of a Republican proposing such a bill that would embolden Obama. He just wanted the talking point for his failed candidacy for president.

That's one of the reasons I launched an ABR website – Anyone But Romney.

When he was overseeing the Olympics, Romney called people back in Massachusetts to see how he was playing on the screen and if he needed more screen time. It is always about him. When he announced for governor, Mitt got pushback for bullying the acting governor, Jane Swift, out of the race. So, he stabbed in the back the person who was running for lt. governor that had secured him the delegates to get through the convention which he was not able to do while running the Olympics at the same time.

As governor, he increased fees, taxes and the state budget. 

As a candidate against Ted Kennedy, he threw the Boy Scouts under the bus and supported on demand.

In 2016, he called every name in the book on the campaign trail even after the primary was over. Once Trump won the top job which has eluded Mitt, he went begging for a cabinet post. See how he has no principles. Thankfully, Romney was not one of the cabinet mistakes Trump made.

Romney has been on all sides of the abortion issue. He has gone from being pro-life to pro-choice back to pro-life. He has flip flopped on so many issues, I cannot remember them all.

The one that has been consistent is that Romney is a one and done type of official. He served only one term as governor. Nobility had nothing to do with it. He was able to kick the can down the road on some issues for four years, but he could not do it for eight years. In short, Romney doesn't like accountability and he also wanted to run for president.

Once again, his retirement from the Senate has nothing to do with nobility. It is another calculation. He could lose. That would hurt the chances of one of his sons running in the future.