Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Biden Gets Brutal Numbers Heading Into Tonight’s State of the Union



Only 37% of Democrats want President Joe to run again. It is hard to believe that they could find anyone other than a member of the Biden family to say he should seek another term. Did they include Chinese spies in this poll?

These numbers are devastating for an incumbent president. However, we should not put all of our stock in polling numbers. Remember last November's predictions of a red tidal wave?

If these numbers are correct, the Democrat National Committee has a huge problem on its hands with an unpopular and unelectable president who they need to have step aside. But, if Biden is to be one and done, who do the Democrats have waiting in the wings?

Usually, the vice president is considered a great prospect for a presidential candidate, but is even more unpopular than Biden. Whether it is her obnoxious laugh or her lack of knowledge, no one is embracing her