Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Insider Spreadsheet Tracks Climate Conference COVID Catastrophe!


Internal spreadsheet spills the deets. The fall meeting of the AGU in New Orleans conjured up a climate-size conference of COVID victims. Here's what we found.

Right at the outset of their COVID-19 protocols the AGU Fall Meeting (a conference of climate scientists and activists) they note: “Only fully vaccinated people may attend #AGU21 in-person in New Orleans.” The info page goes on to note:

We are actively watching advice on gathering and travel while working with local, national and international advisory groups. If conditions and advice change and warrant a reduced in-person event, or fully online event again, we will inform conveners and the AGU community as soon as possible.

But they went ahead and had it in-person.

Low and behold, one by one the attendees started dropping like flies. And by dropping we mean: slight colds and testing positive for .

Jessica Tierney, an attendee who goes by the handle @leafwax on Twitter was one of the first to admit a positive AB test.

Some of them regret coming in the first place. The hashtag #AGU21 has lived on well passed the ending of the conference as they chime in with positive tests ALL OVER THE PLACE: