Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Retired Generals Openly Challenge Commandant’s Dramatic Transformation of Marine Corps


ANALYSIS – Gen. , the Commandant of the has been creating waves since he began a radical transformation of the Marines more than two years ago. And now those waves are becoming a tsunami as retired generals are openly challenging some of the commandant's biggest changes, as well as the way in which they are being implemented.

In a critical op-ed in The Wall Street Journal, , a former Marine officer, Navy secretary and a U.S. senator from  noted that:

it is unclear to just about everyone with experience in military planning what formal review and coordination was required before Gen. Berger unilaterally announced a policy that would alter so many time-honored contributions of the Marine Corps.

Apparently quiet input from retired Marine generals and others was widely dismissed as Berger pressed ahead with his plans. And now, 22 retired four-star Marine generals signed a nonpublic letter of concern to Gen. Berger, with many others stating their support.