Saturday, June 22, 2024

Russia’s First-Ever Nationwide Drills For Nuke War Scenario


ANALYSIS – Is this another bluff, or is preparing for a worst-case outcome in ? According to sources linked to the Kremlin, Russian authorities will hold large-scale war drills across the country on October 3 because of the “growing danger of armed conflicts including [with] nuclear-capable powers near 's borders.”

While smaller-scale exercises have already reportedly taken place in several Russian regions, noted Newsweek, this final drill will culminate on a national level, the first ever for Russia.

Officials from across Russian society, “from civil defense leaders to heads of state corporations,” will take part in the drills, reported the Baza Telegram channel, which is linked to Russia's security services.

Baza noted that the doomsday drill will simulate that Russia is at least partially under martial law and that up to 70 percent of the country's housing has been destroyed.

The outlet added that the exercises will also assume that general mobilization has ended, and extensive radioactive contamination is possible.

See below the Russian nuclear chain of command.