Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Surveys Reveal Good News For Liberty Lovers – Not Necessarily For Republicans


The sliver of the that has waged a loud and persistent “war on woke” culture/corporations/campuses, etc., is learning a hard lesson.

Outside the hothouse atmospheres of the very online and the professionally upset, no one seems to care about wokeness. Instead, they are worried about bread and butter issues like jobs, wages and inflation. And among likely Republican voters, the biggest draw isn't wokeness but law and order. A Times poll found that given a choice between a candidate dedicated to “defeating radical ‘woke' ideology in our schools, and culture” or one who “focuses on restoring law and order in our streets and at the border,” the law and order candidate trounced the anti-woke warrior 65 percent to 24 percent.

Another nugget from the Times poll: likely GOP voters say they are more inclined to support the candidate who advocates for protecting “individual freedom (51 percent) than one who “promises to protect traditional values” (40 percent).

Despite the state-centric populist demagoguery candidates spout on the campaign trail, it looks like liberty still commands the high ground for now.

Which also may help explain why the anti-wokesters aren't getting the traction they banked on, at least when it comes to those dreaded “woke corporations.”

A Morning Consult poll showed that among GOP primary voters, only 43 percent thought businesses had gone “too far” in promoting “social and acceptance.”

The big leaders among the  “gone too far camp” are the usual suspects – Democrats, the media, colleges and the like.

Some things never change. Just as the perceived threats to the country don't seem to change, either. The Morning Consult poll found that among GOP voters, the leading perceived threat is…inflation (82 percent). “W