Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Putin Ruthlessly Decimating Kremlin Rivals Via ‘Assisted Suicide’ And Murder


ANALYSIS – ‘MURDER, INC.' – Falling or jumping from high-rise buildings is a growing death of choice among Russian oligarchs and other elites.

But dying in more mundane ways, such as being stabbed or shot, is also becoming popular. Since – a former KGB officer – invaded just over a year ago, dozens of high-profile Russians have died or been killed mysteriously.

The long list of deaths ranges from oligarchs to scientists, even generals.

In December 2022, The Atlantic labeled the phenomenon “Sudden Russian Death Syndrome.”

Putin has been killing opponents and dissidents for some time, and not all these deaths can be attributed to Putin, but many experts believe Putin is on a roll and behind most of them.

As The Sun reports, Putin is “presiding over a “mafia” state where murder is a tool used to defeat his enemies and to scare his uneasy allies into keeping in line.”

Jon Sweet, a retired U.S. Military Intelligence Officer, and Mark Toth, a national security analyst, described Putin as running a “modern-day FSB ['s domestic security service] version of Murder Inc,” reports The Sun.

‘Murder, Inc' refers to the U.S. mafia syndicate that was responsible for over 1,000 contract killings in the Prohibition-era 1930s U.S.

Those who see the deaths as part of a Kremlin purge point to a rabid speech by Putin in March 2022 about “Fifth Columnists” in Russia.

The enraged Putin reportedly went on to rant that there are “scum and traitors” that need to be “purified” and “killed” within Russia.

Professor Anthony Glees, an intelligence expert from the University of Buckingham, notes in The Sun: “There are two kinds of victim, as far as we can tell: those who are opposed to Putin's Ukraine policies, frequently involved in big Russian corporations.”

“And those who Putin believes have double-crossed him, oligarchs from the world of business who have taken the money but not done his bidding, whether kept cash not meant for them, or opposed him politically, or perhaps both.”