Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Ukraine Boldly Striking Inside Russia Sends Message to Moscow and Other Evil Regimes


ANALYSIS – Ever since began turning the tide against 's invasion, the fear of Ukraine striking into Russia has haunted wobbly U.S. and leaders.

The fear of escalation and a possible Russian nuke response has been a constant concern in the major NATO-Russia proxy war being fought in Ukraine.

This is a primary NATO has refrained from giving Ukraine longer-range missile and rocket systems that can strike Russian-occupied territories, much less Russia itself.

The U.S. even secretly modified the advanced Himars rocket launchers it gave Ukraine so they can't be used to fire long-range missiles into Russia.

But this self-imposed straight jacket, straight out of our initial Vietnam playbook, is increasingly out of touch with the reality on the ground.

And Ukraine is apparently using its own store of weapons to hit targets inside Russian-occupied areas as well as bases in Mother Russia itself.