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Americans Set To Pay High Price For Biden’s Political Posturing


The pressures of a presidential campaign can force incumbents and their attendants to do utterly incomprehensible things. But few can match both the pettiness and the cravenness of the 's urging to stop attacking Russian facilities.

Because it might drive up the price of oil.

This is exceedingly bad for an American president seeking to straddle the crooked line between appeasing his anti-fossil fuel left, the inflation-fearing middle, and the foreign policy rationalists who support Ukraine's resistance to Russia's murderous invasion.

But again, never discount the pressure of a political campaign to force pols and their retainers to attempt to be everything to everyone and only look foolishly weak in the process. As Politico reported:

…Washington has urged officials in the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) and Ukraine's Military Intelligence Directorate (GUR) to put a stop to these attacks, the Financial Times reported Friday, citing three unnamed sources.

The U.S. is concerned that targeting Russia's energy facilities will impact the Kremlin's oil production capacity and drive up global prices — ahead of a knife-edge presidential election where prices at the gas pump are bound to be a contentious topic.

The sources also fear that these repeated strikes will provoke Russia into retaliating and targeting energy the West relies on, including oil pipelines.

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That's incredible. It makes Team Biden look like it prioritizes domestic political concerns over everything else. While that's hardly new—it puts Biden on the same level as the avowedly anti-Ukraine (and objectively pro-Putin) Republican populists in Congress and the Trump campaign—it's still shocking to see.

There has always been a degree of worry, if not outright distrust, about America's reliability as an ally. Some of those worries were vastly overblown, and others simply crass anti-Americanism.

But here, the Biden administration has shown itself to be two-faced – one hawkish and anti-Putin. The other? A cringing gas station attendant. 

We should expect more from our political class. Regrettably, most Americans don't care.

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Norman Leahy
Norman Leahy
Norman Leahy has written about national and Virginia politics for more than 30 years with outlets ranging from The Washington Post to A consulting writer, editor, recovering think tank executive and campaign operative, Norman lives in Virginia.