Monday, June 24, 2024

Seattle’s New Woke Sex Ed Classes Teach Kids Everything Except How Sex Works


Children in government schools will soon undergo new sexual classes that could leave them even more confused than before.

Instead of “female” or “male,” children will be taught they are a “person with a vagina” or a “person with sperm” and that they must “get comfortable with using They/Them pronouns.”

Administrators also say a goal of the new sex ed classes will be “actively dismantling toxic masculinity,” which is often used by liberal activists to describe traditionally male behaviors.

The “Family Life and Sexual ” curriculum is also known as “FLASH.”

It also teaches children about gender transitions, which have been increasingly pushed by adult activists onto children too young to make an informed choice.

A fourth-grade lesson on puberty reads “Some people decide, with the help of their doctor, to take medicine or hormones to change puberty on purpose to better match their gender,” Fox News reports.

“They might take medicine that interferes with hormones so puberty changes don't happen at all. Or, they might take medicine made of hormones so that they have specific changes,” it continued.