Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Chicken Embryo Pain Outranks Pre-Born Human Welfare In Vox’s Priorities


With the continuing onslaught of activists fighting for the nonexistent “constitutional right to ,” now seems far more concerned about the ability of unhatched male chicks to feel pain during potential deaths at poultry factories, than it does a human.

The outlet cites multiple studies on the matter concluding,

“Scientists believe that chick embryos could potentially feel pain as early as day seven of their 21-day incubation period. That means that even with the most advanced in-ovo sexing, male chick embryos could still be experiencing suffering.”

The author laments that America is behind on animal ethical matters compared to Europe.

“As is the case with so many other animal welfare issues, the US is lagging years behind Europe. If that holds true on the matter of ending the brutal culling of billions of male chicks, America's egg supply probably won't have cull-free eggs anytime soon. But if the technological and political progress continues at the pace it has, it could only be a matter of time until in-ovo sexing isn't just the more ethical choice for US egg producers, but also the more economical one.”

In human offspring, the science community remains embroiled in arguments on the meaning of pain, and when capacity to feel it starts. Generally, one article concludes, scientists come up with a range of 12-24 weeks gestation.

Despite this range, Vox rejects restrictions on abortion, especially the common 15-week bills like the one seen in Florida.  Hundreds of articles by the outlet are pro-abortion minded, but ignore a key factor in the discussion on pregnancy, the baby itself. 

Unlike their plea to end the suffering of chickens, the consideration for the pain of the developing human child is seemingly nonexistent. 

has exposed Vox for its radical abortion views before. One article from the outlet suggested that i