Saturday, June 22, 2024

Laura Ingraham Files Lawsuit Against Company Over $1 Million Payment


Fox News personality has filed a against Quake , the platform that hosts The Laura Ingraham Show, alleging that the subscription podcast service has not paid her over $1 million, for its failure to fulfill its contractual obligations and get her attorneys fees reimbursed.

In 2019, Ingraham signed a lucrative contract with Quake to create a biweekly podcast. Quake debuted the following year with six exclusive shows hosted by well-known media personalities, such as former CNN anchor Soledad O'Brien, ex-Fox News host Gretchen Carlson and Mike Huckabee, former governor of .

According to the Daily Beast, Ingraham's suit suggests is at risk of collapsing:

Ingraham claims that her original Quake Media contract stipulated a $550,000 fee for one year—in the form of an initial $150,000 upfront and then monthly installments of $33,333. Even though the Fox News star provided the agreed-upon 94 episodes in a timely manner, she alleges, Quake never paid her final monthly fee.

Nevertheless, she signed an extension in fall 2021 under the same terms. But in her second contract, Ingraham claims, Quake Media failed to make her final four monthly payments—a shortfall of $133,336. Amazingly, she agreed to another deal in October 2022, this time for $800,000, with the monthly payments being upped to $50,000.

Ultimately, her complaint says, Ingraham only received $50,000 during this last term, and has not received a single cent from Quake Media since last December. She still delivered 80 episodes for the company this past year, with the most recent one airing in late October. Besides the $919,660 she alleges that Quake now owes her, Ingraham seeks “reasonable and actual attorneys' fees” arising from the company's breach of contract.

Before moving to Quake, Ingraham hosted her own show on talk radio stations across the United States.