Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Pentagon Moving Away From Celebrating Woke Pride Month


ANALYSIS – It appears that the conservative backlash against the overwhelming oppression of the radical LGBT agenda is finally having an effect. 

Not only with companies like Budweiser feeling the pain of hiring a man who claims to be a woman as a digital ambassador for its beer, but the Pentagon is feeling it too.

Only the Navy posted anything LGBT or pride-related on June 1, the start of . And then, it was quickly taken down by the next day and replaced with generic military imagery.

No explanation was given, but the word most certainly came down from the very top to drop the pride nonsense.

Thankfully, the Navy has also taken down other posts celebrating LGBTQ+ Pride Month on social , including rainbow banners that read “Pride.”

In the last few years, the beginning of June became the start of a month-long LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender) bombardment where every private and public organization, often under pressure from the woke mob, tried to outdo each other in celebrating gay pride.

Rainbow flags and imagery were blasted on everything, including official government and military websites. Not to mention U.S. embassies overseas.