Trump Is Right – Europe Needs To Lead In Its Own Defense

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- July 15, 2024
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, a progressive host and former press secretary for President Joe Biden, voiced deep concerns this weekend about the climate of fear and violence, supposedly towards journalists, following the near assassination of former President .

During an appearance on ' “” with , Psaki addressed the tension and the possibility of violence in the wake of the assassination attempt. She emphasized that attributing the attack to Democrats and the media only heightens fears and escalates the risk.

WEDNESDAY – Europeanize NATO to save it. When NATO members gather next month to celebrate the alliance's 75th anniversary, they must seize the opportunity to protect itself against shifts in U.S. geopolitical priorities.

The argument that the U.S. has for too long borne the burden of perceived European complacency continues to hold sway with many Americans. The bitter fight over Ukraine funding is only the latest sign of the entrenched skepticism toward Europe that has become a feature of American politics. 

It is unlikely to be a fleeting trend.

The U.S. Army, CC BY 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

If NATO is to reach its century mark, the transatlantic partners must substantially shift the responsibility of continental European security to Europeans themselves.

European security no longer holds the pride of place in Washington policymakers' thinking that it had during the Cold War. Biden's recommitment to Europe—“The transatlantic alliance is back”—has come at a time when U.S. strategic interests are being pulled in other directions.

For many, China is the pre-eminent national security challenge of the coming generation. They believe that the U.S. should focus on the Indo-Pacific region.

Let Europe focus on Russia. (RELATED: War Looms, China Fumes: US And Allied Forces Conduct Major Drills In Philippines)

FOR YOUR EYES ONLY – Here's a roundup of today's other top defense stories from conservative national security expert PAUL CRESPO.

Not the President's Daily Brief, but almost as good – PAUL'S DAILY BRIEFING – the PDB:


Trump knocks ‘ridiculous' mandatory military service report. Former President Trump is shooting down the “ridiculous idea” that he could push for mandatory military service if he and slamming a Washington Post article on the issue as an effort to “damage” him with voters.

ACTIONS SHOW OTHERWISE – Donald Trump doesn't respect or care to help veterans — he just wants our votes. The gist of Rep. Derrick Van Orden's op-ed published earlier this month is that former President has done much for U.S. military members and veterans, while Joe Biden has been disrespectful. That's nonsense.

Dan Scavino, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Junior enlisted pay bump to cost as much as two new aircraft carriers. House plans for a massive pay bump for junior enlisted troops will cost more than $24 billion over the next five years.

White House bashes idea of creating Army Drone Corps. Team Biden is among those opposed to lawmakers' proposal to establish a Drone Corps as a basic branch of the Army.

Bill aims to strengthen contested logistics strategy in Pacific. The Senate bill aims to strengthen the relationship between the U.S. and key countries in the region to better protect supply lines and ensure sustained operations, should a conflict with China occur.


IT'S A WAR – ISRAEL SHOULD BE APPLAUDED – Death toll from Israeli hostage rescue adds to legal scrutiny of Gaza war. It has renewed questions about whether the country is doing enough to protect civilians in its war against Hamas in Gaza.

NOT SERIOUS – Hamas responds to Gaza cease-fire plan seeking some changes; US ‘evaluating' reply. Hamas said Tuesday that it is seeking some “amendments” on the deal. It appeared to be short of an outright acceptance that the U.S. has been pushing for but kept negotiations alive. (RELATED: George Clooney's Wife Amal Helped With ICC Arrest Warrants Against Israeli Leaders)

On the Israel-Lebanon border, a war is unfolding in slow motion. The mountain villages and rolling valleys along Israel's border with Lebanon already feel like a war zone.


The Wasp Amphibious Ready Group deploys to Europe. It has 4,500 embarked sailors and Marines.

NATO allies practice dogfighting as Russia gains ground in Ukraine. More than three dozen fighter pilots from nine NATO countries met at Ramstein Air Base, Germany, to face off against each other in a first-of-its-kind, U.S.-led exercise.

Oleg V. Belyakov – AirTeamImages, CC BY-SA 3.0 GFDL 1.2, via Wikimedia Commons

US, Japan plan joint ship and aircraft repair, missile production and logistics. A plan to repair U.S. Navy vessels in Japan moved forward as both countries hope to develop additional programs for military aircraft, missile production and logistics.

Guam's acting governor seeks more time to review missile test plan. He has asked for a two-month extension for a comment period on the military's plan for live-fire missile defense tests for the island over the next decade.


Russia, Belarus launch a second stage of drills to train troops in tactical nuclear weapons. The drills are intended to train their troops in tactical nuclear weapons, part of the Kremlin's efforts to discourage the West from ramping up support for Ukraine. (RELATED: Biden's Failed Diplomacy Led To Russia Replacing US In Niger)

German defense firm Rheinmetall opens repair facility for combat vehicles in Ukraine. The center in western Ukraine will repair German-donated military equipment damaged in combat, as more manufacturers are setting up shop in the embattled country.

US will send Ukraine another Patriot missile system.

Finland looking into possible airspace violation by Russian warplane. This would mark a first since the Nordic country's entry into NATO.


Two US Navy MQ-4C Tritons now operating in Okinawa, Chinese warships operate near Japan. The second of two unmanned aerial vehicles arrived on Sunday, with the two UAVs expected to soon commence intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) missions around Japan's southwest islands.

U.S. Navy, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Taiwan arrests former Chinese navy captain whose speedboat illegally entered Taipei harbor. He was likely probing the island's defenses.


South Korean forces fire warning shots after North's troops cross DMZ. Around 20 North Korean troops briefly crossed into the southern portion of the Demilitarized Zone over the weekend, prompting South Korean forces to warn the intruders by firing shots and using loudspeakers. (RELATED: Hamas Sympathizing Adult Film Star Goes To North Korea: Report)


ICC prosecutor appeals for evidence of atrocities in Sudan after rebels attack hospital in Darfur. The ongoing ICC investigation “seems to disclose an organized, systematic and a profound attack on human dignity.”

How Estonia is becoming a hotbed for drone warfare. With a close eye on Ukraine's use of drones, Estonians are fielding new kit, changing doctrine, and revamping training for unmanned systems in case they also have to repel a Russian invasion one day.


US Space Force plans to boost competition for launch business — will it work? Whenever the U.S. military launched a satellite over the last six years, the rocket carrying it bore the logo of SpaceX or the United Launch Alliance — the only companies eligible to fly National Security Space Launch missions.

After 2 years of change, what's next for the Air Force Expeditionary Center. It oversees much of Air Mobility Command's ability to stand up ground support for air operations in new or austere environments.

WATCH new video of DARPA's Manta Ray — an autonomous submersible.

Pentagon data reveals US soldiers more likely to die by suicide than in combat. They were almost nine times more likely to die by suicide than by enemy fire. (RELATED: US Navy Fires Never-Before-Used SM-3 Missiles Against Iran)

Army Golden Knights Skydiver forced to cut his main parachute during Selfridge jump. A mid-air problem forced the skydiver to use his reserve chute. The skydiver flawlessly cut off his original parachute and used his reserve one to safely land. He was injured in the mishap.

Navy relieved 12 commanders in 6 months in 2024 — including 3 firings that were never publicly announced.

US Coast Guard boss says she is not trying to hide the branch's failure to handle sex assault cases.


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