Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Claim: Minnesota Democrats Open Door Wide To Using Sexuality As Criminal Defense


A new bill will expand the definition of sexual orientation under 's Human Rights Act. Critics say it will give pedophiles unjust legal protection.

The updated law doesn't limit the prosecution of sexually-based crimes against minors.

However, opponents contend it provides a level of protection to pedophiles that was previously unattainable.

The initial legislation in the Minnesota House of Representatives removed language prohibiting pedophiles from being recognized as a protected class. News of the development received considerable backlash.

Democrats in Saint Paul voted unanimously with Republicans to add an amendment stating that sexual attraction to children wouldn't be covered in the new Human Rights Act.

Yet the state house's reversal was short-lived. Democrats in the state overturned the lower chamber's 126-0 vote not to list as a protected sexual orientation.

Senate Democrats defended the decision. Members of their caucus pointed out that against children remains a in Minnesota.

What's changed is that pedophiles may take legal action if they feel they're being discriminated against based on their sexual attraction to children.