Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Sheriff Mark Lamb: I Would Welcome a Visit From President Biden


The Federation for American Reform (FAIR) is currently hosting its annual two-day event — “Hold Their Feet to the Fire” — which is a gathering of radio show hosts, members of Congress, dozens of immigration activists and even a few non-radio media members including your very own American Liberty News — who were invited to attend the event this year. The purpose of the event is to have the tough conversations about immigration that most in the refuse to have. (RELATED: Biden-Harris Are 100% to Blame for 50+ Dead Migrants in Texas – And Many More)

Sheriff of Pinal County, , and of “Live PD” and “60 Days In” fame, was one of this year’s attendees. Pinal County is located between the cities of Phoenix and Tucson.

I had the chance to ask Sheriff Lamb a few questions today and get his thoughts on why he had come to Washington this year to share the extreme impacts of that he sees every day back home in Arizona, as well as what Washington can do about it.

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When asked about specific policies Washington could enact to make the lives of sheriffs like himself easier, Lamb first pinpointed what he sees as “a key problem in this country” — “that we don’t understand the three branches of government anymore.” Each branch is in place to do its job and from the sheriff’s perspective, that’s not currently happening.

The number one problem that his officers face every day, Lamb said was fentanyl, an issue that President Biden and most Washington, D.C. politicians rarely touch on. Most fentanyl that comes into the United States makes its way through Pinal County, due to the I-10 corridor. Lamb praised the brave officers in his department who are on that interstate every day trying to stop the flow of drugs, as well as human beings who are also smuggled through his jurisdiction illegally.

Still, he emphasized that fentanyl is the leading cause of death amongst Americans between the ages of 18 and 45. Last year in Arizona, Lamb told me there were 33 children who died from fentanyl — seven of them were under the age of one. (RELATED: China Working With Drug Cartels to Keep Flooding US With Opioids)

When prompted, Lamb said he would welcome a visit from Biden as he could not recall a time when Biden had visited the border — either during his time as president or tenure as vice president. “I do not agree with these guys at all, but I have respect for the positions of president and vice president.”

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The sheriff’s first and foremost request to the administration is simple. He “would actually like to see them do their job — protect our border, secure it.” The easiest thing they can do is first “go back to the Trump-era policies, as we know those worked.” He said that the should should “start there, and then build from there.” In another effort to highlight the differences between the current administration and their predecessors, Lamb said that he wants to see partnerships restored between federal agencies and local agencies. He emphasized a stark difference between the “open line of communication that existed under Trump” and the lack of communication he experiences now.

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Victoria Snitsar Churchill
Victoria Snitsar Churchill
Victoria Snitsar Churchill is a proud immigrant and naturalized U.S. citizen with a decade of experience in grassroots politics and community organizing. Her writing has been featured in many online publications, including Campus Reform, The Daily Torch and The Daily Signal. As an undergraduate at the University of Kansas, Victoria appeared in media outlets such as CBS News, TIME Magazine, The Washington Post Magazine, The Blaze and NRATV. Victoria is also a former NCAA D1 student-athlete and Kansas College Republicans State Chair. After moving eleven times in six years, Victoria resides in Arlington, Virginia and enjoys overpriced brunch on Sundays with her husband.


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