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Team Trump Ready To Remake America During Second Term


ANALYSIS – Ready to rumble! After four years of radical Democrat policies (both foreign and domestic), has a team of fiercely loyal and staunchly conservative Republican advisers and donors who plan a dramatic government overhaul.

In addition to pushing to settle with Rus­sia, Trump's policies include sweep­ing tariffs and a crack­down on illegal mig­ra­tion. He has also promised to launch a significant restructuring of the fed­eral judi­ciary and notoriously liberal civil service bur­eau­cracy. (RELATED: Biden's Weak Response To China's Attack On Major US Ally)

As The Irish Times reported:

At the Conservative Political Action Conference last month, Trump signaled what his approach would be if he defeats Biden in November.

It essentially has two prongs: the first is a rightwing policy revolution to reverse many of Biden's moves over the past three years, while the second is a revenge mission against his political opponents, to punish them for the persecution he claims to have suffered at the hands of the US justice system.

“For hard-working Americans, November 5th will be our new liberation day,” he told the crowd of activists and supporters that day at CPAC. “For the liars and cheaters and fraudsters and censors and impostors who have commandeered our government, it will be your judgment day.”

Whereas Trump's 2016 cam­paign was sham­bolic, Trump now has a “deep bench” of people who are “ready to go,” says Steve Ban­non, his former polit­ical strategist. (RELATED: Steve Bannon Makes Dire Warning To Tucker Carlson)

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“It's going to be much more hard hit­ting,” Ban­non adds. “Trump's not hid­ing the foot­ball.”

Ahead in the polls against , Trump now has the backing of a cadre of seasoned campaign operatives and a tightly-knit entourage of former government officials ready and eager to apply his ideas.

The Heritage Foundation's Project 2025 is key to installing a governing agenda that would usher in one of the most conservative executive branches in modern American history.

One of Trump's goals is to purge the civil ser­vice of what he calls “rogue bureaucrats,” including some 50,000 employees. (RELATED: Deep State Scrambling After Judicial Watch Sues to Uncover ‘Russia Collusion' Hoax Records)

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Russell Vought plays a crucial role in preparing for the relaunched Schedule F policy through his newly founded Center for Renewing America.

Vought is also a primary mover behind the renewed push to promote Christian values in government and protect Christians from the relentless onslaught of the far-left.

In December, Trump said in a speech in Iowa, that “Marxists and fascists” are “going hard” against Catholics. (RELATED: Major League Baseball Team To Honor Group That Ridicules Catholics)

“Upon taking office, I will create a new federal task force on fighting anti-Christian bias to be led by a fully reformed Department of Justice that's fair and equitable” and that will “investigate all forms of illegal discrimination.”

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On immigration, Stephen Miller, a senior adviser in the Trump White House, is the architect of Trump's plans to finally close down the dangerously open U.S. border with Mexico and round up the millions of illegal aliens who have invaded the U.S. under Biden.

He intends to rightfully deport the lot of them back to their home countries, using the military if necessary to detain them.

Meanwhile, Trump has also “purged” the Republican National Committee (), appointing his daughter-in-law, Lara Trump, who is married to Eric Trump, as co-chair and turned the organization into a vehicle for his reelection, as it always becomes in every presidential election cycle. (RELATED: As Election Day Nears, Trump Press Secretary Says Campaign Will Have ‘Soldiers' At Polling Stations)

“Every single penny will go to the No. 1 and the only job of the RNC – that is electing Donald J. Trump as president of the and saving this country,” Lara Trump said in February.

Trump's takeover of the RNC has also made it akin to a legal defense fund for his criminal cases, which many see as political and legal warfare. Over the course of the past year, Trump has also tightened his grip on the in Congress – which could be a big factor in how he would govern in a second term.

Now we need to get Trump elected so he and his team can enact his conservative vision to remake America.

The opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the positions of American Liberty News.

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Paul Crespo
Paul Crespo
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