World Leaders May Soon See Biden Not Fit To Lead

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– The League for Sportsmen, & Defense unequivocallycondemns the recent attempted assassination of in Butler, Pennsylvania, yesterday. This heinous act represents a direct assault not only on an individual but also on the very principles that underpin our democratic society.

Former President Donald Trump was injured in an at a campaign rally yesterday in Butler, Pennsylvania. One attendee at the rally was declared dead at the scene, killed by a stray bullet. Two attendees remain in critical condition after they were admitted to the hospital.

TUESDAY – G7 Summit already showed he isn't. – Biden looks to make the case at the NATO summit that he is still up for the job. leaders gathering in Washington starting Tuesday plan to shore up transatlantic support for Ukraine in its battle against Russia.

But for host President Joe Biden, the summit has become just as much about demonstrating he is capable of meeting the grinding demands of the presidency for four more years.

NATO chief sidesteps questions twice on Biden's fitness to lead alliance against Putin. This, when asked to vouch for the mental and physical fitness of Joe Biden to lead the alliance in the long-term fight to save Ukraine and contain an expansionist Russia.

MEANWHILE – House Democrats' defense chief joins calls for Biden to drop out. House Armed Services Committee Ranking Member Adam Smith (D-Wash.) on Monday joined the list calling for Joe Biden to withdraw.

HMMMM – White House explains neurologist's numerous visits. In a letter, the president's doctor said Dr. Kevin Cannard — who visited the White House several times over the last year — has been a neurology consultant to the White House medical office since 2012. 

Cannard, a Parkinson's expert, holds neurology clinics at the White House for active-duty military members, the letter said. He was also the neurological specialist who examined Biden for his three annual physicals since taking office.


FOR YOUR EYES ONLY – Here's a roundup of today's other top defense stories from conservative national security expert PAUL CRESPO.

Not the President's Daily Brief, but almost as good – PAUL'S DAILY BRIEFING – the PDB:


NOT SO STUNNING – AND NOT SO COMPLICATED – Supreme Court immunity ruling raises questions about military orders. The Supreme Court's stunning ruling giving presidents immunity from prosecution for official acts raises serious questions about orders issued by the commander in chief to the military, especially if those commands clearly violate U.S. or international law.

US to expand control of land sales to foreigners near military sites. The U.S. wants to expand a Treasury committee's jurisdiction to review land sales near U.S. military sites where foreigners are the buyers.

Pentagon keeps commitment to Sentinel nuclear missile as costs balloon. The military will continue developing its new LGM-35A Sentinel intercontinental ballistic missile but has told the U.S. Air Force to restructure the program.

Leaked American F-35 and F-15 documents appear authentic, Chinese security expert says. US analysts question usefulness of US military info released by Russian pilot on Telegram while urging Chinese to keep their nation's own data safe.


VA account with Microsoft infiltrated by Russian hackers, agency says. But the agency reported no personal information or other sensitive data of any veterans was accessed. DON'T BELIEVE THAT.

BUT OF COURSE IT DIDN'T – The president ordered a board to investigate a massive Russian cyberattack — it didn't. After Russian intelligence launched one of the most devastating cyber espionage attacks in history against U.S. government agencies, Team Biden tasked a new board to figure out what happened — and tell the public.

Central NY man stole US military equipment, sold it on Facebook, including vest headed to Russia. Three people have been charged with stealing equipment from three Central New York military bases.


TAXPAYERS SUBSIDIZING US DEFENSE CONTRACTORS – US giving Poland another $2B loan to buy American-made weapons.


BIDEN FAILURE – USAF C-17 flies last US troops out of Air Base in Niger. They departed Air Base 101 on July 7. The moment marks a milestone in the ongoing effort to withdraw American forces from Niger, where they have conducted key counterterrorism missions from two air bases.

New F-15EX and F-35 fighter jets headed to bases across Japan in major regional defense upgrade. This is a notable defense development and financial investment in the Pacific as tensions continue to rise with China.

Pentagon postpones Army exercise “indefinitely” amid diplomatic conflicts with the country of Georgia, which neighbors Russia. This, as U.S. officials review future cooperation with the country.

BIDEN BOONDOGGLE – GIVE IT UP ALREADY! – Temporary aid pier could be reattached to Gaza coast this week. This, after detaching it late last month because of rough seas.


Avoiding war in the South China Sea. How America can support the Philippines without fighting China.

JOINING FORCES TO COUNTER CHINA – NATO eyes new tech pursuits with Indo-Pacific partners at DC summit. Beyond unveiling plans to expand military and financial support for Ukraine, the 32 NATO nations will host their Indo-Pacific partners to discuss new projects on cybersecurity, disruptive technologies and deterring China.

China and Belarus conduct joint military exercises right next to NATO and EU's border. The 11-day joint military training exercises began Monday – with activities taking place just miles from the border of Poland, a NATO and European Union member.

House Speaker to push new package of legislation to ‘punish' China. Mike Johnson is targeting the end of 2024 for Congress to pass a “significant” package of legislation aimed at curbing China.


Ticking clock: Northern NATO defense chiefs see ever-closing ‘window' to prepare for Russia. Estonia's chief of defense presented, what he sees, as a simple algorithm that held the future of his country in the balance — a “formula,” he said, for “when Russia is coming.”

Russia wants 2,600 satellites in orbit by 2036. Is this realistic? This goal, according to Yury Borisov, the head of the Roscosmos space agency.

Ukrainian attacks on supply lines slowed Russians in Kharkiv, radio and phone intercepts show. Ukrainian attacks on Russian supply lines have left Russian units scrambling for food, water and ammunition, blunting Moscow's renewed invasion.


BIDEN WEAKNESS – Houthi threats continue amid imminent arrival of USS Theodore Roosevelt in Middle East. American forces and their partners in the Middle East destroyed four aerial drones launched by Houthi militants in Yemen over the weekend, ahead of the arrival of the latest Navy carrier strike group in the region.


Powerful sister of North Korean leader Kim calls South Korea's live-fire drills ‘suicidal hysteria.' This, as she threatened unspecified military steps Monday if further provoked.

No rift over cost of US troops in South Korea if Trump elected, says former Trump adviser. South Korea and the U.S. will reach agreement on sharing the cost of U.S. troops in the country if is elected president, even though he is likely to pressure Europe to increase defense spending.

US, South Korean airlifters fly first-ever five-aircraft formation over peninsula. Four U.S. Air Force and one South Korean air force C-130J Super Hercules airlifters flew the sortie last month.


In first, Australian exercise Pitch Black gets dedicated aircraft carrier. Air forces from around the world will descend on Australia's remote Northern Territory this month for a combat exercise of unprecedented scale there.

The head Kenyan police force in Haiti says ‘no room for failure' against powerful gangs. He added that the UN-backed police mission was committed to ensuring democratic elections in the Caribbean nation.

Britain's new Foreign Secretary hates Trump and loves America. Among his priorities, Lammy has identified resetting the currently fractious relationship with the European Union as well as securing Ukraine's defense.


Navy ousts CO of Hershel ‘Woody' Williams due to May soft grounding.


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