Americans Cheer US Women’s Soccer Team World Cup Loss

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- July 15, 2024
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, a progressive host and former press secretary for President Joe Biden, voiced deep concerns this weekend about the climate of fear and violence, supposedly towards journalists, following the near assassination of former President .

During an appearance on ' “” with , Psaki addressed the tension and the possibility of violence in the wake of the assassination attempt. She emphasized that attributing the attack to Democrats and the media only heightens fears and escalates the risk.

ANALYSIS – It couldn't have happened to a nicer team. The notoriously left-wing U.S. women's team had its worst-ever finish after it was eliminated from the 2023 tournament in a shootout loss to on Sunday.

And Americans are rightfully cheering their loss. Go Sweden! (RELATED: ESPN Lays Off Nearly Two Dozen On-Air Stars)

As  noted in The Blaze: “Our national team has been ranked No. 1 in the world since June 2017 and for all but 10 months since March 2008. The squad has never been ranked lower than No. 2. In the Round of 16, Sweden conquered a dynasty.”

Yahoo Sports observed that “no U.S. team had ever finished worse than third at the Women's World Cup; this one will finish something like 12th.” It also noted that no U.S. team had ever scored fewer than 12 goals during a women's World Cup tournament — this one scored only four goals.

And who was one of the three U.S. players to miss shootout kick attempts? Far-left LGBT blowhard – also labeled by the fawning liberal media as “The Great Gay Hope.”

Few people even recognize that the team captain is Lindsey Horan.

As Whitlock noted: “Rapinoe acted as a locker-room cancer. She diminished the importance of competition.” (RELATED: NHL Star Threatened To Have Police Officers Killed With ‘Call To Russia')

Whitlock added:

Close observers were not surprised. The team has been in mental decay since Carli Lloyd retired (2020) and corporate media anointed the purple-haired Rapinoe as the unquestioned face of American women's soccer.

For the last three years, the 38-year-old winger has used the team's spotlight to grow the Rapinoe brand. The game, the competition, and representing national honor all took a back seat to self-promotion, virtue-signaling, so-called social activism centered around the BLM-LGBTQ-Alphabet Mafia and expressing Trump derangement.

And the 38-year-old washout didn't stop spouting left-wing bile after the team's huge loss.

As Whitlock explained:

When asked for her greatest memory of her “legendary” career [after the loss], she pointed to the lawsuit she and her teammates filed against the U.S. Soccer Federation over alleged pay inequality. Gender pay inequality is a myth and a lie, no different from other popular corporate media narratives like climate change and the alleged genocidal homicide of unarmed black men.

But the truth is irrelevant in the making of an Alphabet Mafia icon. Megan Rapinoe is the George Floyd of soccer.

But it wasn't just her fault; the U.S. national women's soccer team long ago gave up the privilege of representing our country when most of them refused to sing the and decided left-wing social issues were more important than playing and winning. (RELATED: Disgraced CNN Boss Lands New Gig With Sports And Media Investment Firm)

In July, after their match against first-time competitor Vietnam, author Brigitte Gabriel stated: “The US Women's Soccer Team hates America, you can see it in their facial expressions and body language. They detest the National Anthem and everything it stands for. I couldn't care less if they lose every game.”

That same feeling was widely expressed online after the team's recent elimination as comments beneath the Yahoo Sports story on the loss showed. The Blaze reported:

“Yay! I was pulling for Sweden the whole time,” one commenter wrote. “Congratulations to a team that actually takes pride in and honors their country. As for the other team, couldn't be more well deserved. Entitlement is not the path to take.”

“This is fantastic!” another commenter declared. “My day has been made.”

“A heartfelt congrats to the US Women's National Soccer team,” another commenter said sarcastically. “In a time of great polarity in the United States, they managed to bring together almost the entire nation, in cheering against them. It's a difficult task to get almost the entire country to agree on something, well done players!”

“Great win for Sweden, I'm glad they beat Team USA,” another commenter said. “As a retired Army Vet with 20 years in service, I have to say that if you are not with us, you're against us! …. That team doesn't represent us!!!! Once again, Congrats to Sweden!!!!!”

“Love it,” another piled on. “A more unlikeable team doesn't exist.”

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    Richard Heidecker, Sr.

    I have given up on the Women’s Soccer Team just as they have given up on the USA. If that is the best we can do we should simply not field a team. I would rather see some not as skilled players who will proudly represent the USA.

    Peter E. Kennedy

    She never should have been chosen to be on the team.
    . Why?
    Because she did not come with the attitude to form cohesive team unity, by being the leader the younger players could look up to.
    Instead, she came to destroy.


    I’m happy! I don’t want Leftist Freaks representing my country! Our reputation for immorality and decay is already chuckled about on the world stage. Truly, this moment in Americas (planned) decline, must baffle the rest of the world!
    Super Power one day, mutilated, confused laughingstock the next!

    Richard Rider

    Never in the history of our country’s national team competition has America been happier that a USA team tanked.

    The team didn’t choose a couple of solid key U.S. players because their politics didn’t match the woke mandates.

    The team was far more obsessed with politics than winning games. It had talent, but winning was secondary to their anti-U.S. posturing.


    Why were they representing the US if they hate it so much? Maybe they need to go live in North Kkorea, Venezuela or any where besides the US. Since they hate it so much


    If you don’t “know” history – even very recent history – you are doomed to repeat it! Didn’t that bunch who hardly any Americans are interested in anyway – learn anything from the Kaepernick/NFL debacle??? Do not, in any case, go abroad and “represent” the USA in anything and treat your country, your flag, your anthem with disrespect!!!! NEVER!! Go volunteer for the military and get some handle on reality . . . perhaps?!!


    Way back in high school, when studying positive and negative numbers, a math teacher informed us students that there is no such thing as a “negative zero”.

    Fast forward to today, and I have bad news for my high school math teacher. Yes, yes there IS such a thing as “negative zero”. It’s a fact that I have negative zero interest in woke sports.

    If that doesn’t prove the existence of negative zero, I don’t know what does.


    My wife and I often fly out of the Colorado Springs airport. About a year, ago, waiting for a flight, we noticed a person (later realized it was Rapinoe) walking around glaring at everyone. She was yelling at someone on her cell phone, loud enough for everyone within 50 feet to hear. She was griping about teammates who were not as “committed” to “fighting for the lifestyle”as her. An arrogant nitwit.


    So happy for REAL WOMEN to win this game. I don’t know why anyone supports a team so vile and hateful as the American Women’s Soccer .


    Yay, Sweden ! ! !
    So, take your pink hair and crawl back home and go phuc yourselves. I just wish some of you USA hateing players would’ve got kicked in the face during the game. Just to add a little injury to your insult.
    God Bless the USA and stop funding the marxist US Olympic soccer team.

    Tim Toroian

    Her foot was far too far behind the ball. You kick a ball as you’re coming into it, NOT as you’re passing it. Over-aged – – – – -.


    Who’s going to pay to watch these loosers? They don’t deserve anything near equal money.

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